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Virtual Private Servers that feature the best in secure, reliable web hosting, steadfast privacy protection, ethical labor, and a  fully USA-based operation committed to excellence in service and integrity.

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10 Clear Reasons to go with the Sheepdog

Some of What We Do Better…

High performace servers, strategically located throughout the USA. Dedicated CPU, memory and IP for every site.

Elite Security. State of the Art Security plugins for Dynamic malware defense with optimized rule sets/blocklists for Web Application Firewall INCLUDED for all plans above “Hobby” 

Servers optimized for WordPress. With custom backend for seamless updates, stats, reports, and much more!

…More of What We Do Better.

Daily backups included with 30-day retention to help keep your data safe. Restore and backup straight from the custom backend hosting dashboard.

100% USA based hosting, design, labor, and support – Included at no extra charge!

Integrated, one-click staging environment so you can develop and deploy with absolute confidence

Free SSL Certificate for your domain (site, email, etc), and 10 Free Email accounts included.


Popular Self-Hosting Plans

All Plans below are on a virtual private server with dedicated IP address.

All Plans Include:


99.9% “Paw-sitive” Uptime Guarantee: Keep your site’s tail wagging reliably with minimal downtime.

Dedicated IP: Ensure a safe and private spot on the web for your site’s doghouse.

10 Free Email Accounts: Streamline communication with professional email addresses for your pack.

Free SSL Certificates: Secure your site’s kennel with encryption to protect visitor data.

Included Security Plug-ins and WAF: Security matters, and pro-avtive security increases the odds of your site not being another statistic!

Over 28 Templates and Top-Grade Builder Tools Included: Get the best templates and WYSIWG builders included. 

10 USA Server Sites & 18 CDN Locations: Speed up site fetch times with strategically placed servers and content networks.

One-click Staging Environment: Safely bury and dig up site updates in a separate sandbox before going live.

Daily Backups with 30-Day Storage: Keep your data safe with regular backups, like a stash of bones for later.

720 Restore Points with Hourly Backups Option: Track back through extensive restore points to find the perfect spot to roll back to.

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File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Integrate with S3, Google & more

Get your backups onto a cloud that you trust and have more storage on. We won’t hold your data hostage – ever!

Incremental, storage-saving backups

You now have the ability to roll back to a prevoius version with the greatest of ease, and for up to 30 days in the past!

One-click backup restore, on-site and off-site

Find what you need, and put it where you want it with out drop dead easy user interface!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Best-in-Class US Support

Experience best-in-class, USA-based support for unmatched service quality. Our team provides prompt, knowledgeable assistance, ensuring your needs are met with efficiency and expertise, around the clock. Trust local excellence for global success.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our 99.9% server uptime guarantee. Our reliable hosting ensures your website remains online and accessible, maximizing availability and user experience. Trust us for consistent, high-quality web presence.

Need more help with Design

We offer some really amazing full-service Management, Hosting, Design, and Branding plans check it out by clicking the button below.